About Us

"Africa and all things African are the new frontier. From music to fashion the previously sidelined continent is now very much mainstream and continent du jour, however very much like it's natives it is taking flight for the long haul. For generations its served as aesthetic inspiration for many a fashion house, but a new breed of talented designers and image makers are riding the wave of interest in Africa's renaissance.

OkamiLDN is one of them. Okami a fusion of two words that mean peace and mind derived from the Yoruba and Swahili language was established in April 2020.

This emerging brand represent centuries of African culture yet balances contemporary fashion's newness. It utilises intricate textiles that have been ethically sourced and hand designed and crafted in Africa. Working at the grassroots with independent artisans based in Lagos, Nigeria, they hand dye and design their fabrics. OkamiLDN is vivacious and spirited by design yet there is a serene appreciation and nod to ancestral traditions by using fabrics and designs that are modern, simple, eclectic and tell their chapter of the African story.

This brand frames this blossoming time for Africa stunningly it is momentous but not momentary. OkamiLDN is here to stay."

- Mercedes Wilinda Bahamé